To-Date Community Cooperation

Intergovernmental Cooperation & Agreements Already Completed

  • Redevelopment Agreement with current property owner, Invest Aurora, City of Aurora and Fox Valley Developers outlining transfer of property once remediation is complete – property transfer to Fox Valley Developers upon completion of remediation and stabilization.
  • Redevelopment Agreement with the City of Aurora for phase one remediation and property clean-up cost reimbursement to Fox Valley Developers – reimbursement of $3.0 million based on completion of environmental remediation.
  • Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development Grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to the Fox Valley Park District for construction of Tomcat Park – $285,000 of the estimated $570,000 total park cost.
  • Intergovernmental Agreement between the City of Aurora and the East Aurora School District # 131 to facilitate the relocation of District’s administrative offices to a portion of the property through a commercial lease – $1.5 million, including $500,000 in cash and the remaining amount to be in the form of grants, in-kind assistance, including the dedication of property, street closure and reconfiguration of public roads.