Purpose. Pride. Prosperity.

After decades of neglect, a group of Aurora-centric business leaders have come forward with a bold plan to remediate, secure and preserve the historic Copley Hospital campus for redevelopment. The buildings will be completely transformed and given a new purpose and the renewed campus will once again become an anchor of pride and prosperity for the Bardwell neighborhood and all of Aurora.

The Need to Act

The remediation and preservation work had to begin immediately to prevent the property from falling into such a state of disrepair that it would become economically nonviable to re-purpose the historic structures. If the buildings decayed beyond the point of repair, the new concept and vision for the site would no longer work and the campus would continue to decay and decline.

Benefits for the Community

In August 2018, the City of Aurora unanimously approved a multi-party settlement and redevelopment agreement that delivered immediate benefits for the community and Bardwell neighborhood. At their own expense, Fox Valley Developers agreed to immediately take on the monumental task of remediating, securing and preserving the campus. Work is already underway:

The New Vision For Bardwell

In addition to removing blight, decay and safety threats from the community, the repurposed campus will address longstanding shortages in the neighborhood. The vision for the renewed campus includes reusing the footprint of 341,000 square foot campus to provide the following elements:

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The property is an active construction site. Trespassing on the site is strictly prohibited and any unauthorized access will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for the safety of the public, neighbors and the construction team. Given the unsecured debris left by vandals and decay, it is unsafe for any unauthorized individual to be on the property at any time.
Help us make Bardwell beautiful by keeping this project on schedule and report any suspicious activity.