A New Vision: Purpose, Pride & Prosperity

With roots dating to the 1880’s, the historic Copley campus was an important building block of the Bardwell neighborhood and Aurora’s overall development and early success. However, after decades of delay and decay, the 341,000 square foot campus deteriorated from a nuisance, into a threat to the health and safety of the public, especially to the students going to Bardwell Elementary School directly across the street.

In fall of 2018, Fox Valley Developers and the City of Aurora partnered together to solve a problem that has existed for a quarter of century – taking the first steps of the redevelopment of the former Copley Hospital complex.

“After decades of decay and delay, we are moving forward with a partner who will immediately improve the campus by removing the environmental hazards and toxic debris, so that the property can be completely redeveloped!”

Mayor Richard Irvin

Phase 1 – Remediating, Securing and Preserving the Campus

After numerous false starts and empty promises, it was important that the partnership agreement result in immediate benefits to the neighborhood and community. The first phase of the project involves the immediate remediation, securing and preserving of the Copley campus for its eventual redevelopment.


There was an urgent need to act quickly, as the campus was rapidly deteriorating from exposure to the elements, vandalism and decay. To remove all safety hazards, remove blight from the neighborhood and prevent the total collapse of the property and its historic structures, Fox Valley Developers is stabilizing and securing the site.

Due to the condition of the buildings, it was not possible to complete accurate final architectural and engineering plans. As the demolition, remediation and preservation work is completed floor by floor, these plans and concepts will be refined by the project team.

This initial phase is expected to finish in Spring 2019 and cost between $12-16 million to complete. Fox Valley Developers is responsible for all of this upfront work and expense.

Only, after the campus has been deemed clean of environmental hazards to the satisfaction of local and state environmental regulators, the developers will be eligible for up to a $3 million reimbursement. The City will not reimburse any phase one costs until the remediation work has been successfully completed by Fox Valley Developers.

“This partnership and redevelopment agreement is equal parts environmental justice and economic development, because no one deserves to live or attend elementary school next to an abandoned campus that has unsecured toxic debris flying around.” – Alderman Bill Donnell

Phase 2 – A Renewed Bardwell Neighborhood

In addition to removing blight, decay and safety threats from the community, the repurposed campus will address longstanding shortages in the neighborhood. The vision for the renewed campus includes reusing the footprint of 341,000 square foot campus to provide the following in-demand and needed elements in the community:

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