Aurora Life

The state of housing for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) is desperate for new solutions. Families face stagnated systems of care that cannot meet the demand for a full, independent, and complete life for adults with I/DD. This problem can only be solved through innovation.

Aurora Life is a proposed 53-unit independent apartment community (IAC) modeled after best-in-class and successful operations at similar communities across the country.

IAC’s are dynamic communities that encourage residents to participate and engage with their neighbors, peers and the community through employment, volunteer and social activities.

A New Solution for Families

Quality of Life

The Aurora Life community will offer its residents a high quality of life through an innovative living community.

Well Staffed

Aurora Life apartments rent at above market-rate to meet the administrative, operational and staffing expenses of the development.


Rent will include meals, transportation, individualized programming and staff support 24/7.

About Independent Apartment Communities

Aurora Life is modeled after successful communities across the country that share the same approach to resident options, programs, and supports.

We are excited to see Aurora Life join our partner IACs to serve as a premier opportunity for families of individuals with low supports needs throughout the Midwest and the nation.

Representative Floor Plans

A Pioneer in the Field

Andy Conover, MEd

Executive Director – St. Louis Life
Aurora Life Founding Consultant & Advisor

Managed the development and establishment of a new nonprofit organization serving young adults with developmental disabilities. Oversaw design and construction of a 22,000 square foot facility that provides residential and programmatic supports to residents. Designs program curriculum, hiring and supervising staff. Conducts agency presentations and outreach in the community and at conferences and is a founding member of the Independent Apartment Communities (IAC) – a unique and exceptional option for housing.

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