Health Care Policy Advisor

Smart Policy Works is a policy and consulting firm based in Chicago, with more than 25 years of expertise in breaking down social and structural barriers to health and well-being. Throughout their history, they’ve focused on shaping and translating public policy and working across sectors to build concrete solutions to complex problems faced by individuals, services providers, and administrators of critical programs and services.

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Aurora Life Advisor

Andy Conovery, MEd, Executive Director – St. Louis Life

Andy Conover has been at the forefront of the Independent Apartment Community  movement since he helped plan, found and build St. Louis Life, in O’Fallon, Missouri. He oversaw the the design and construction of the 22,000 square foot facility that provides residential and programmatic support to residents. In his role he designs program curriculum and oversees the hiring and supervision of staff at St. Louis Life. Based on his record of innovation and success, Andy is frequently asked to serve on Advisory Boards for IAC communities under development across the country.

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Medical Director


Dr. Stathis Poulakidas serves as medical director to Fox Valley Developers and is a critical link to the health care community. Dr. Poulakidas is a renowned surgeon who performs 300 – 500 operations annually and serves as a director of burn and wound care for two hospitals. With his direction and insight, an innovative, supportive, inclusive health care center has been proposed for Avalon Heights.

Dr. Poulakidas attended Chicago Medical School. He completed his residency at Loyola University in Chicago, and his Fellowship at University of California, Davis. A prominent physician from the Chicago area he is board certified in general surgery/surgical critical care. Dr. Poulakidas is a member of the American Board of Surgery and the American Burn Association, and has been published several times in prominent medical journals

About Fox Valley Developers

Fox Valley Developers is an Aurora-Centric group of business leaders who have come together with the shared purpose of preserving, restoring and repurposing the historic campus to transform and renew the Bardwell neighborhood.

The partners in the group are three sets of brothers who all share deep connections to Aurora and have achieved professional success in their respective fields.

After watching the Bardwell Copley campus decay over the past several decades, these life-long friends decided to do something about it and offer the City of Aurora a new path that would deliver immediate results for the community.

Together, they have amassed a team of complementary advisors that have made redevelopment of the campus a reality.

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About Kluber

Kluber Architects + Engineers is an integrated design firm offering in-house architecture and engineering services. Their team is committed to serving as leaders in their individual fields and consistently exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients with innovative, sustainable and award-winning spaces.

For more than 25 years, Kluber has been serving a broad range of clients with an emphasis in the public, education, health services and private sectors. Award-winning projects have included judicial centers, high schools, wellness centers, police and fire stations, corporate offices, village and city halls, senior living communities, banks, and community college facilities.

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