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Proposed Timeline

Proposed Timeline

Existing Site

Property: 502 S. Lincoln Avenue / 301 Weston Avenue, Aurora Bardwell Neighborhood

  • Landmarked former hospital campus with buildings dating back to 1888
  • Nine total structures spread across a nine acre parcel
  • 341,000 total square feet of existing space
  • Has been abandoned with no productive use since 1995

Action Underway

  • Investment of $12-16 million to remove toxic materials and preserve building

  • Perform work under EPA standards for removal of asbestos waste in accordance with National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

  • Third-party air quality monitoring at all times during project work

  • Complete interior demolition of the entire campus

  • Secure and preserve at risk sections of buildings to enable future redevelopment

  • Properly secure the entire 9-acre campus to prevent further decay and vandalism

Benefits to Bardwell

This work is delivering benefits to the Bardwell neighborhood and all of Aurora by: